hey big news everyone!! steam has received the files for episode 3 which means it’s going to be out in approximately few weeks!! steam got episode 2 on february 20th, and then the game came out on march 4th. so lining that up with how twdg usually comes out a few weeks after twau, i think we can expect it around the end of april, hopefully!!

oh, and the best part? episode 3 is 1.83 gb. compare that to episode 2’s 685.92 megabites. it’s gonna be BIG.

goddammit you have no idea how excited i got there

Time, Dr. Freeman? Is it really that time again? 


Citadel GIF (Higher quality here)
me every new year: i bet the next half-life game will come out this fall


Did you know Barnacles have the largest penis-to-body size ratio of any animal? It’s true! Due to their sedentary lifestyle, such a large dong is required for sexual reproduction for these hermaphroditic arthropods.image

Above is a visual representation of the mating process.image

This barnacle is horny as fuck!


Pictured here is Gordon Freeman choking on a dick.

Do you take requests? If so, I would very much like to see the Half-Life 2 citadel core. I love staring at that thing, haha.

i would love to unfortunately my account has been unable to play half life 2 for over a year now. It’s not a problem with my computer or with my save files, as I deleted all of my save files, and ive tried from multiple computers. when i load a map, literally any map, in half life 2, the game crashes. sorry anon, ill look on youtube for decent static camera footage that i can loop into a gif but other than that unless somebody tells me what the problem is i cant do your request

'Here, I'll buy you a drink.'

When you’re around me I’m radioactive.



"Just one of those days, I guess."

Flying Ichthyosaur destroys Apache